AWF Newsletter June 2016
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Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong’o Takes on Poaching

“Poaching steals from us all.” That is the message Kenyan Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o brings to the Kenyan public in the newest awareness ad from African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and WildAid. The countrywide awareness campaign also enlists the help of popular afro-pop band Sauti Sol and local radio personality Caroline Mutoko to bring attention to the natural and economic value of elephant conservation. In a 2015 campaign survey of 2,000 Kenyans, 28 percent said poaching didn’t affect them, and 75 percent said losing elephants would matter to them a great deal. This campaign aims to bridge the gap and prove elephants’ intrinsic value to Kenya’s heritage, biodiversity and economy. "If we lose our elephants and other wildlife to this threat, it will not be because we lacked the knowledge or tools to save them, but because we all failed to take ownership of our wildlife heritage. None of us can afford to be bystanders when so much is at stake,” AWF VP of Program Design Daudi Sumba said.

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US, Vietnam Team Up

The U.S. and Vietnam, both destination countries for wildlife products, announced a five-year partnership to combat wildlife trafficking. An unprecedented 1,338 African rhinos were slaughtered last year for their horns — and with Vietnam’s surge in rhino horn consumption — this partnership could not come at a more urgent time. AWF has been working to reduce demand in the country since 2013.

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Help us educate more people about the perils of wildlife crime. Together, we can stop the slaughter.
Dismantling poaching in Lower Zambezi

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Increasing the penalties for wildlife crime

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Turning farmers into conservationists

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Photo credits: WildAid Vietnam, AWF, Jia Qiao, Brian McBrearity, Mark Boulton, Martin Harvey