AWF Newsletter November 2017
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Trump Administration Reverses Elephant and Lion Trophy Ban

On Nov. 17 the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service confirmed it reversed the ban on importation of elephant and lion trophies from Zambia and Zimbabwe. Elephants and lions are listed under the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species – elephant populations have declined by 30 percent in seven years and there could be few as 20,000 lions remaining. This decision by the Trump administration forfeits the leadership role of the United States in the critical fight against illegal wildlife trafficking and threatens already vulnerable populations of elephants and lions. With China’s decision to ban trade in ivory, the U.S. may soon become the largest ivory demand market. Announced just after the establishment of the new International Wildlife Conservation Council — whose membership is dominated by the U.S. gun lobby and hunting groups — this reversal shows a trend toward Washington, DC cronyism entering the international conservation effort.

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Climate change threatens Africa

Despite contributing just 2 percent of the world’s greenhouse emissions, Africa is expected to bear the brunt of the negative effects of climate change. This week, as world and conservation leaders met at 23rd Conference of the Parties to negotiate ways to implement the Paris Agreement, AWF called on leaders to develop practical, effective solutions for Africa’s future.

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Where are elephants headed?

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Communities protect Tanzania’s Mchombe River

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5 ways save wildlife during the holidays

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The Trump Administration is forfeiting U.S. leadership in the fight against illegal wildlife trafficking. Tell your friends to take action. Share our message now.

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Fun Fact

The small, 4-10 lb. hyrax looks like an oversized guinea pig, but it is actually said to be the elephant’s closest living relative.

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