AWF Newsletter February 2018
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Trump’s budget cuts endanger Africa’s wildlife

On Feb. 12, President Trump released his proposed budget for the 2019 fiscal year. This budget includes severe cuts to the Department of the Interior and the Department of State, which will shrink vital programs that protect wild animals, wild lands, and assistance to local communities.“It’s an understatement to say that these cuts would be detrimental to conservation efforts throughout the world and the African continent in particular,” says Jimmiel Mandima, AWF director of program design and partner relations. African Wildlife Foundation considers this budget to be a neglectful and shortsighted fiscal blueprint that positions the United States to take a back seat in the global fight to protect wildlife and support community conservation efforts. Send a message to President Trump letting him know that you oppose the proposed budget.

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Hong Kong to close ivory markets

At the end of January, Hong Kong lawmakers voted to ban the ivory trade by the end of 2021. While AWF commends the step to curb ivory sales, the four-year grace period raises concerns. It’s too much time for traders to phase out their ivory stocks, which could potentially result in an increase of illegal ivory trade during a time when Africa’s elephant populations remain largely unstable.

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Trump’s proposed budget cuts threaten AWF’s key programs. Help us continue to protect Africa’s most vulnerable species with a monthly donation today.
AWF and Beijing Zoo team up for Africa’s wildlife

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Most trafficked mammal pushed to extinction

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Protecting a vital home for endangered apes

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Increasing penalties for wildlife crime

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Stop U.S. budget cuts

President Trump’s proposed budget threatens Africa’s wildlife with severe cuts in funding to programs that protect endangered species. Send a message in opposition and share with your friends.

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Fun Fact

The endangered bonobo shares roughly 98 percent of its genetic makeup with humans, which can be seen in how it expresses emotions. The apes also have human-like gestures when communicating with one another.

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Photo credits: Keith & Colleen Begg (Pangolin), Sean Brogan/Ida-Africa Sycrc (Chimpanzees), Mark Boulton (Rangers)