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AWF lauds U.K. Government’s action to ban ivory sales

Earlier this month, the U.K. Government announced a ban on ivory sales — another victory for the future of elephants. Environment Secretary Michael Groves stated the ban will be one of the strictest in the world, although a firm date has not yet been set for implementation. The U.K. had the unfortunate status of being the largest global exporter of legal ivory between 2010 and 2015. “We laud the decisive action by the U.K. government to ban the ivory trade,” said AWF President Kaddu Sebunya. “The robust measures send a strong message that ivory’s rightful place is on an elephant and not as a decorative item or a product for financial gain.” African Wildlife Foundation continues to strengthen its presence in the U.K. and stands ready to work with governments around the world to further this momentum, tackling the wildlife trade and protecting Africa’s most iconic species from the threat of extinction.

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Facebook: the wildlife trafficking network

Wildlife traffickers use Facebook to deal elephant ivory, rhino horn, and other wildlife contraband putting threatened species directly in the crosshairs of poachers. Groups and pages advertise wildlife products, Messenger is used to negotiate the sale, and even other Facebook-owned platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram are involved. Send a message to Mark Zuckerberg demanding he shut down all wildlife trafficking on Facebook.

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Ivory ban lifted

Wildlife traffickers use Facebook to sell ivory and rhino horn. Help us get Mark Zuckerberg’s attention and send a message demanding that Facebook shut down all activity facilitating wildlife trafficking.

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The leopard is the most elusive big cat. Little information is known about its current population numbers due to this big cats solitary nature and preference for staying hidden in dense bush.

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