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Mountain gorillas populations on the rise

1,000 might not seem like a large population for most species, but when it comes to the critically endangered mountain gorilla this newly revealed number is one to celebrate. According to the most recent census data, the population of this endangered great ape continues to grow — substantiating a three-decade-long conservation success story. Although this significant milestone proves the effectiveness of conservation efforts throughout the region, there is still no room for complacency as mountain gorillas remain critically endangered. The efforts to protect these majestic animals have contributed to a remarkable comeback and have established a precedent for other species protection strategies. “In a world where most conservation stories are frustratingly depressing, the results of the new census portray an exciting and positive trend of decades-long population growth,” said Craig R. Sholley, senior vice president of AWF. “A concerted and strategic conservation effort throughout the region has made this possible and should be examined as a model for species protection elsewhere throughout the continent.”

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Climate change threatens wildlife

As we fight the poaching crisis, the silent threat of climate change continues to threaten elephants, rhinos, lions, and all of Africa’s wildlife. Africa is expected to bear the brunt of its adverse effects as shifting weather patterns continue, causing flash floods and harsh, widespread droughts across the continent. Take action against climate change by adding your name to our petition.

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In honor of World Giraffe Day this week, remember that giraffes need our help more than ever. Their numbers are dwindling as habitats shrink and poaching persists. Make a gift for giraffes today!
Underground pet trade threatens cheetah cubs

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Ecotourism finances biodiversity protection

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Enforcing penalties for wildlife crime

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A hopeful future for Africa’s great apes

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Fun fact

In the late 19th and 20th centuries, herds of 20 to 30 giraffes were recorded. Now, on average, herd sizes of no more than six individuals are recorded.

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Photo credits: Craig R. Sholley (Main story). Nancy Lewis (Elephant), Bill Gordon (Cheetah), Anna Behm Masozera (Lodge), Larry Traxler (Rhinos), Max Chiswick (Gorilla), Caballos, MASS Design Group, Rachel Kramer/WWF-US, DSWT, Radoslaw Janicki