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AWF and Nickelodeon are inspiring children to save wildlife

Earlier this month, African Wildlife Foundation and Nickelodeon International’s Together for Good launched an exciting new collaboration: the Together for Good Wildlife Special, an educational mini-series created to raise awareness about threatened wildlife and provide kids with the resources to become conservation heroes. In the special, Nickelodeon star Breanna Yde (School of Rock) guides kids on a journey through Uganda as she discovers key conservation and environmental challenges and learns first-hand from wildlife heroes who put their lives at risk daily to protect Africa’s most treasured species. The collaboration extends past the mini-series to empower kids to take real-world action by participating in the #AWFRoarChallenge on social media, in an effort to motivate them to learn more about wildlife, support endangered species, and raise their voices for wildlife. “I am optimistic about the future of conservation in Africa when I see young people actively engaged,” said AWF’s President Kaddu Sebunya. “This generation is equipped with the tools and the zeal to shape Africa’s future...It is time for young people to both tell and live the conservation story.”

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Japan must shut down ivory trade

Japan’s domestic ivory regulations are allowing wildlife traffickers to profit from the illegal ivory trade. Undercover investigations exposed that ivory traffickers are able to sell their contraband tusks as legal ivory — and these tusks go straight to manufacturers with commercial retailers none the wiser. Elephants can’t sustain the high rates of poaching fueled by Japan’s retail demand. Tell the government of Japan to shut down its ivory market for good.

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Poachers slaughter as many as 35,000 elephants a year to fuel the demand for ivory. Make a gift to help us end the demand for ivory and save elephants from greedy poachers.
Gaining ground against the poaching crisis

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Inspiring Zambia’s future conservationists

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Canine heroes defend the pearl of Africa

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Protecting Africa’s forgotten ape

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Legal ivory still kills

Be one of 60,000 to stand for elephants and tell the government of Japan it’s time to close ivory markets for good and tell your friends.

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Fun fact

Although similar in appearance, aardvarks have no relation to anteaters. Aardvarks are quite the picky eaters and primarily eat termites.

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Photo credits: Billy Dodson (Main story). Billy Dodson (Elephant), Billy Dodson (Rhino), Brian McBrearity (Student), Peter Chira (Sniffer Dog), Billy Dodson (Bonobo), Peter Chira (Ivory), Nigel Dennis (Aardvark)